About Us

Higher Place Christian University was founded in 2010 for the purpose of preparing christian students to succeed in their calling, ministry, professions and entrepreneurship. We are a full gospel interdenominational University. Admission into Higher Place Christian University is very competitive. This is due in part of the high level of education that we provide.

Higher Place Christian University (HPCU) is an accredited private Christian university majoring in degree programs in ministry and Entrepreneurship. HPCU is fully accredited with Accrediting Commission International and certified as a corporation in the state of Florida with a religious exemption authority to offer degree programs . We have elected to maintain a religious based accreditation. This liberty allows us to offer courses to students based on our Christian beliefs as found in HPCU statement of Faith and have students outside of the country.


Education that prepares you for success!

Purpose and Mission

HPCU mission is to prepare students academically, spiritually and professionally to fulfill their life purpose and take their world to a higher place for God.


a. Excellence in teaching, research and scholarship

b. To help to develop the gifts of her students for Christian ministry, leadership and service to humanity

c. To place absolute confidence in the Holy Spirit whom the father has sent to teach us all things

d.  To create a culture of innovation and inspire students to add to various bodies of knowledge

HPCU currently consist of three schools

Ministry School: This school aims to train both existing and aspiring leaders in theological studies. Upon finishing their studies, Higher Place Christian University will assist the newly trained leaders with planting new churches as well as with starting and maintaining other types of ministries. The school will maintain a relationship with all its students creating a network of local ministries and spiritual leaders. This network will be essential and especially helpful for evangelism and outreach purposes.

Business School: This school will educate students on the fundamentals of launching new businesses and managing them effectively with a strong biblical foundation for innovation, adherence to business ethics practices. The school will maintain a relationship with its students and their new businesses, establishing a local network of businesses.

Healthcare School: This school will provide vocational training for various careers in the healthcare field such as Licensed Practitioner Nurses (LPN), CNAs, Dental and Physician assistants. Once students finish their studies, the school will assist students in establishing clinics and other healthcare facilities in their respective cities and towns. Higher Place Christian University maintains relationships with all of its alumni's and willing to help them succeed in their respective endeavors.

One day we will increase our program offerings to train doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, innovators, inventors, economists etc. that would take their world to a higher place for Jesus Christ.

 The Future

To be amongst the top 5 Christian universities in the world with a student base of over 40,000 and a physical campus sitting on over 300 acres of land. Educating students that would make an impact for Christ and take their world to a higher place.

Class Formats

HPCU is a unique and non-traditional school. Our class formats are different. Some classes meet once a week online with a live professor, others are recorded online classes, DVD books, E-books, text books and on-campus classrooms.

When to Start?

You  can start classes at any time you wish. HPCU does not observe traditional school semester schedules. You can enrol today ans start class today.

All Degrees Must Be Earned

Every degree we offer MUST be earned! We do NOT sell or give away our degrees and certificates. They MUST be earned. The credit hours required to earn our certificates, degrees and diplomas may be earned through a combination of studies offered through HPCU and the credit we allow for your religious training and life work experience.

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