Frequently Asked Questions
When do I need to start the program?

You can enroll at any time and begin your studies today. Higher Place Christian University do not operate by semesters like traditional schools. We use a fast paced, very intense model whereby a student can complete and satisfy course work a four year course work in two years or less. That means a student can earn a bachelor’s degree with Higher Place Christian University in two years or less.

How do I pay for books?

80% of all course text books, study materials, DVDs, E-books etc. are supplied FREE to the student. Students only pay a small shipping fee for materials in physical forms. All courses and degree Programs are bible based and taught from a Christian perspective by our world class scholars and professors.

Can I receive credit for my work experience?

Higher Place Christian University allows students the opportunity to apply for and receive credits toward their degree requirements via the development of a prior learning assessment portfolio. Up to 25% of the degree requirements can be met through this method of earning credits. All applications and completed prior learning assessment portfolios are evaluated by Academic Officers who hold degrees, credentials, and have experience in the area of the degree major that the student is petitioning credits for, via prior learning assessment. There is a charge for each portfolio evaluation. 

Tell me about your class formats?
HPCU is a unique and non-traditional school. Our class formats are different. Some classes meet once a week online with a live professor, others are recorded online classes, DVD books, E-books, text books and on-campus classrooms.

Will Financial Aid be available?

Yes. HPCU has a student tuition loan program . Its 100% interest FREE. We will provide the student with interest free loan that will cover the entire cost of your tuition and books. The students signs and covenant agreement and makes a monthly financial payment until the total loan is satisfied. The monthly payment can be as low as $100/month.

What if I want to pay all my tuition at once and upfront?

A lot of students prefer to pay for their tuition at once and save 10% on tuition. But in the event that a student is unable to do so, HPCU has the SDELP Loan program available for you.

Is a degree online as effective as on campus?

Yes! More than 3.2 million adult professionals are already pursuing graduate degrees through online learning programs. Higher Place Christian University’s online degree programs offer state-of-the-art study materials in audio, CD-ROM, textbook and online formats, which are convenient for your individual educational and lifestyle needs.

Will I have to travel to attend HPCU?

No. Higher Place Christian University is a virtual university. We currently offer 100% distance education via online technology. Your courses will be taken online or via distance learning. All work is completed via independent, guided study with one-on-one faculty mentoring. Each course is taught by a qualified instructor or professor. You may conduct your studies from anywhere in the world. There are no travel requirements

What if I need help with my course work?

That’s no problem. You will have your professor, academic adviser and support tools available to you. Other resources include your classmates, online forum and the online library.

What if I need help choosing classes or understanding my degree plan?

After your enrollment application into Higher State University has been approved. Your academic adviser will contact you and help guide you through each process and answer all your question.  If you have a specific question about a course, you can contact your academic adviser by toll-free phone, fax, email or regular mail. You will be able to discuss your program progress and any questions you may have. No other university provides you with this level of personal service and support. Any non-academic or technical questions can be addressed by your student services representative and our technical support staff.

Will I be earning a degree from an accredited university?

Higher Place Christian University has accreditations and memberships with nationally recognized accrediting institutions to award certificates and associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The U.S. Department of Education states that accreditation itself is a voluntary process. Many high-quality, legitimate and legal Colleges and Universities and other institutions of higher education operate today without accreditation.  
There is no mandate by federal law for a School, College or University to be accredited. Many good schools are not accredited. Also, each accreditor has their own unique standards and, thus, there is no national consistency in institutional accreditation. Accreditation in the United States is awarded by non-US governmental agencies. Again, accreditation is strictly a voluntary option in the United States.


Higher Place Christian University is a private corporation in the state of Florida and legally authorized by the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities (SBICU) with a religious exemption authority to offer degree programs that are designed solely for religious vocations. HPCU makes no claims, implied or otherwise, that our educational programs, courses, or curricula are the same as offered by secular state colleges and universities. HPCU desires to remain separate and thereby maintain our religious prerogatives and freedom to compose courses and design degree programs that are in accordance with our Biblical convictions and beliefs. HPCU is not affiliated with the State of Florida or the U.S. Department of Education. Credits and Degrees earned at HPCU are for those in Christian service.

(b) Where promotional material for an unaccredited institution consists of an advertisement in a periodical published by a person or entity that is not affiliated with the unaccredited institution, the disclosure required in subsection (a) may be abbreviated to state as follows NOT ACCREDITED BY AN AGENCY RECOGNIZED BY THE U.S. SECRETARY OF EDUCATION. The disclosure required under this subsection shall be made in a type size as large or larger than any other text in the advertisement.

The Accrediting Commission International
For Schools, Colleges & Theological Seminaries (A.C.I.)
PO BOX 102 * Beebe, AR 72012

What is accreditation?
Accreditation means that an institution of higher education has met the criteria reflecting the qualities of a sound educational program, as delineated by the United States Department of Education or other accrediting institutional bodies.

Will I have to take exams?
Your grade will be based on assignments evaluated by faculty. These assignments may be in the form of papers, case studies, business plans and examinations. The evaluation process will be conducted in the same media formats in which the course is presented.

Will my credits/degree be accepted by other universities?

Yes! The short answer is that each school, college, and university develops their own policies regarding acceptance of courses and degrees. There is no simple answer to this question. It is best to first contact the school that you may be interested in transferring credits to, or applying to for a higher level degree, and ask them for their policy/guidelines regarding such acceptance. Some schools are more willing to accept transfer credits, and other are not. Some schools will not accept credits from a non-regionally accredited school. Like most schools, Higher Place Christian University does not guarantee that credits/courses will be transferable to other schools.If credit transfer is your goal, then we suggest you to contact the university you wish to transfer your credits and ascertain their policies for transferring credits. All degrees earned from Higher Place Christian University will qualify students to enter a higher level degree program at Higher Place Christian University.

Will my degree say Online or Distance Education on it?

No. It will detail the degree awarded and your transcripts will detail all courses completed, course titles and course numbers, as well as your grades and overall grade point average with the degree title. Your degree and transcripts, however, will not mention online or distance education on it.

Will my credits from other schools transfer?

Higher Place Christian University will accept transfer credits from most accredited colleges and universities.

How do I get my required course materials?

When you fill out your enrollment form, you can select which materials you would like to receive. You can make selections to include textbook(s), student guides, case studies and CD-ROMs; “textbook(s) only;” “materials” to include student guides and CD-ROMS; or you can request ISBNs from your academic advisor. and purchase  some textbooks on your own.

Can I pay for my courses with employer tuition assistance?

Yes. Employer tuition assistance is accepted. Because HPCU is renowned and accredited, employers recognize their degrees and provide employee tuition reimbursement. Please direct questions regarding your employer's tuition assistance policy to your personnel or human resources director, or ask your academic advisor for help.

If I earn my degree online, may I attend the graduation ceremony on campus?

Yes. Higher Place Christian University welcomes you to take part in graduation ceremonies on campus once you have completed your degree. You may feel free to contact your academic advisor for the specific details and dates of your graduation ceremony.