Financial Aid/Loan

Are you starting your education from scratch? HPCU is the right place for you.

Did you know that the average tuition rate for a private, four-year college is $23,000 per year? Did you know that the average cost to attend a public four-year college is $6,000 per year? It's true (see the College Board). If these numbers seem staggering, take a deep breath. You can earn your degree at Vision for about $2,500 per year for a 120 credit undergraduate degree and about $1,600 per year for a 36 credit hour graduate degree. You do the math -- that's 90% lower than the average private college!

What's even more surprising is what students are paying in student loan interest. With a standard student loan with the typical 6.8% interest rate, you'll pay an additional $76,000 in interest over 20 years of $700/month payments. Wow.

Here is the good news. HPCU offers 0% interest-free tuition financing. Our easy, affordable, and convenient tuition financing plan means you don't have to take out interest heavy student loans... you can pay for your education as you complete it. With monthly payments as low as $97; we'll work with you to make your education as affordable as possible because we believe in your calling and destiny. We see our tuition financing efforts as an investment in your life and future.

With HPCU:
 No student loans
 No interest
 Tuition that's about 90% lower than the average private college
 Affordable monthly payments that meet your budget


Higher Place Christian University’s in-house bank provides students with INTEREST FREE EDUCATION LOANS.
Should the student elect to get tuition loan; an education loan will be provided that will cover the entire cost of tuition and books. The students signs a covenant agreement and makes a monthly financial payment until the total loan is satisfied. The monthly payment can be as low as $97/month. No credit check. No refusal policy!
HPCU student tuition loan program does not cover for students housing, entertainment, living expenses, feeding or the like. It only provide education loans to cover tuition and cost of books while enrolled at HPCU.
How to get Student Loan?
A. Apply for a certificate or degree program
B. Request or download the loan form and agreement
C. Submit
D. Receive

Some students elect to pay the total cost of their tuition at once and upfront and they enjoy 10% off the cost of their degree programs and free books.

 All courses and degree programs are bible based and taught from a Christian perspective by our world class scholars and professors.

Class Formats

HPCU is a unique and non-traditional school. Our class formats are different. Some classes meet once a week on campus, online with
a live professor, others are pre-recorded online classes, DVD books, audio courses, E-books, text books and via video technology.
You can chose whatever format works best for you.

All HPCU courses are fast paced accelerated degree programs. Degree programs that should take 4-5 years in traditional brick and mortar schools are all condensed so students can finish and earn their respective degrees in 1, 2 or 3 years.

For example, with Higher Place Christian University, you can earn your Bachelor's, Master’s Degree and Doctoral course work under two years because we offer life time experience credits to students who qualify.

Note that Doctoral Dissertation may take the student a few months or years time to prepare and defend.

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