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Did you know that the average tuition rate for a private, four-year college is $23,000 per year? Did you know that the average cost to attend a public four-year college is $6,000 per year? It's true (see the College Board). If these numbers seem staggering, take a deep breath. You can earn your degree at HPCU for less than $6,000 for a 120 credit hour degree program. You do the math -- that's 90% lower than the average private college!

What's even more surprising is what students are paying in student loan interest. With a standard student loan with the typical 6.8% interest rate, you'll pay an additional $76,000 in interest over 20 years of $700/month payments. Wow.

Here is the good news. HPCU offers 0% interest-free tuition financing. Our easy, affordable, and convenient tuition financing plan means you don't have to take out interest heavy student loans... you can pay for your education as you complete it. With monthly payments as low as $97; we'll work with you to make your education as affordable as possible because we believe in your calling and destiny. We see our tuition financing efforts as an investment in your life and future.

With HPCU: 80% of all course text books, study materials, DVDs, E-books etc. are supplied FREE to the student. Students only pay a small shipping fee for materials in physical forms. All courses and degree Programs are bible based and taught from a Christian perspective by our world class scholars and professors.

 No high student loans

 No interest

 Tuition that's about 90% lower than the average private college

 Affordable monthly payments that meet your budget


Certificate, Associate & Bachelor’s - $55

Master’s Students  - $75Doctoral Students  - $90

International Application Fee - $110

Note: All registration fees are non refundable. No exceptions. Tuition payments are non refundable as well.


We allow MONTHLY PAYMENT plan to assist students who cannot otherwise make their full tuition at once

Bachelor Program    Was $7,500     Currently $3995

Master Program     Was $8,750    Currently $4995

Doctoral Program   Was $9,750    Currently $5995


Important Information

Registered Students are eligible for various Scholarship programs and grants available at HPCU.

99% of all course text books, study materials, DVDs, E-books etc. are supplied FREE to the student.

Life, Work & Ministry Experience Credits are also available. Maximum allowed is 25 credits.

Click here for more details or call 1.888.537.5315 to speak with an academic advisor.

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Please note that tuition and all financial transactions made with HPCU are NON REFUNDABLE but may be transferable. Please contact HPCU if you have any questions.